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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Granddaughters' Wit

     The following occurred during a recent visit from Emma, her sister, and cousin Olivia.    

     While feeding goats near a fence, Emma noticed there were still a few in the wooden shed.  "Those," she announced, "are getting a time-out!"

     When we asked Emma which position she enjoyed playing on her baseball team, she said, "First base."
     "Why is that?" Papa asked.
     "Because I get to talk to everyone when they get there!"

     After watching her grandmother (me) play a tennis match, Emma wanted to know, "Gran, why do you always grunt when you bend down to hit the ball?"

     We went to the Longhorn Steak House for dinner, where a pail of peanuts sat on our table.  "What do we do with the shells?" Emma asked the waitress.
     "In this restaurant, you can throw them on the floor.  It's ok, because the workers clean them up later."
     "I feel bad for you!" Emma said.

     A conversation follows between Olivia and her mother when Olivia did not get her way.
     Olivia:  "I think there should be three adults in this family!"
     Her mother:  "That would be pretty confusing.  Who would they be?"
     Olivia:  "You, Dad, and me!"




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