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Friday, December 4, 2009

Making Lists

I'm a list-maker. I think it's in my genes, and my sister's, too. My calendar has an 8 1/2 x 11" page for every three days, and they are FILLED! I list the phone calls I have to make each day, the stops in the car, the correspondence, etc.
The only thing I don't put in there is the grocery list. I have a separate sheet for that. I guess you can tell I don't bother with a Blackberry - it would take me way too long to enter the items and I couldn't read three days all at once.

A long time ago I began to keep an open notebook for lists of things that pop into my head. Sometimes I write down a great-sounding phrase, or a page reference for a really unique idea that I just read. Sometimes I jump up in the middle of the night and creep into the kitchen to jot things down. I don't turn on any lights till I get there, so I won't wake Charley. When we're on trips, I record the restaurants where we had a great meal, or where we should return to a hotel, or even where we might go on our next trip!

My list-making turned into journal-keeping. That's how my first book got published, MINOR LEAGUE MOM. I kept journals of everything that happened to our two sons while they were playing pro ball with the Red Sox farm teams, as well as to Charley and me. Now that MINOR LEAGUE MOM is in print, I'll begin writing my next one about my elderly parents: all the funny, idiosyncratic things they did and the great relationship we had until I became their caregiver (and our roles reversed). All of those stories are in journals waiting to be put into a framework.

I have also started a journal about the tennis team I am on in South Florida. We play interclub matches from late September till middle of May. If I ever produce a book on that subject, it could be a soap opera! Some of my teammates are now feeding me material.

Here's the point: it's easier for me to write from notes than to begin with a blank slate. And I like to write what I know about, since the reader will discern that the details are true. It makes the writing fun, not work, while I recollect the experience.

Here's another point, and it is a problem: I become obsessed with checking off the items on the list! That means I must see these tasks through to conclusion, whether it's phone calls, grocery-shopping, or emails. Now in the case of writing, self-discipline is a good thing. To a point. I write till I get too hungry or too tired. Sometimes a month goes by and I haven't relaxed by the pool with a book or sat at the ocean (right outside our window!). That's when Charley says, "It's time to go to a movie!"

In addition to writing the second book, I'm still marketing the first. Check out MINOR LEAGUE MOM's website for an idea of things I've been up to: www.minorleaguemom.net. Plus I've got other stuff I still want to accomplish. But that's another list I've started in my head!


  1. Hello Pam! I am also a Minor League Mom! My son (drafted by the Houston Astros in 2005) gave me this book for Christmas this year, one of the most touching gifts that I have ever received...I am enjoying reading about the experiences that your family shared and can relate to so much of the excitement, disappointments, and proud moments that he has endured so far. His adventures continue this winter as we wait for a call, as he is a free agent. He had one year of non-play following Tommy John surgery. (he is a pitcher...) I would love to chat with you more sometime. Our other connection is that our daughter is a junior at Colby College! Congratulations on your book and your son's accomplishments. I have not finished the book yet, but I can already assume that they have made you proud throughout their adulthood, as they did while playing ball. Tip actually lives in Rhode Island at this time working at City Sports and giving many baseball lessons and clinics in the off season. He completed his degree in business at USM over the course of three fall semesters. More later... Ann Dowe Fairchild Monmouth, Maine

  2. Here is my contact information in case you have time to write with words of wisdom as we wait...Almost done with your book!


    and batsf@fairpoint.net (207)933-2113

    Monmouth, Maine

  3. Hi, Ann - I am so excited for you and your son and apologize for not responding sooner! Thanks for reading MINOR LEAGUE MOM. So many similarities between us...
    Just keep in mind when the going gets rough that your son is following a dream to the end, and most people can't ever say that. Hope his surgery has been successful! He has had great family support (totally mandatory to succeed in the world of pro sports) and a great education.
    You might be interested in a panel discussion that I will participate in with son Todd and Tom Brady, Sr(quarterback's father). It's at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education on April 22, 6:30 pm, about parenting successful athletes. Would love to meet you and Tip. Wishing you my best, Pam