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Monday, June 2, 2014

Flirting Lessons

      I've learned recently that there's such a thing as flirting LESSONS.  And I thought we were supposed to know all this stuff by the time we were ten!
     I Googled "flirting lessons" and the following came up: "Lessons You Should Learn to Get Men to Chase You"; "Videos of Flirting Lessons"; "How to Flirt - Lessons for Women"; "How to Flirt with Guys" (44 videos for every conceivable situation); "Five Flirting Tips for Guys"; "How to Flirt with a Girl in High School"; "Flirting Lessons from Lesbians"; "Seventy-Seven Secrets of Love"; "Secrets of Love, Sex, and Intimacy."
     In a NY Times article on May 18,'14, John Leland described a social development coach for men who need to practice picking up women.  If the eye contact and conversation starters (4 sessions of "meditative mingling" for $1000 a month) aren't enough during practice sessions, there are always seduction seminars, $1200 weekend boot camps, web forums, workshops, and newsletters, often with money-back guarantees.
     According to a friend who actually took a flirting class for women, she received the following syllabus for discussion and practice sessions.

I.  Physical appearance to promote self-confidence

          a.  Go to the makeup counter in your local department store for free advice and a makeover.

          b.  Indulge in a new outfit with appropriate shoes while in the department store (see #2 below).

2.  Join any of the following social groups or clubs where men congregate:

          a.  Professional club
              You will need to purchase a black fitted dress that falls to the knee or
               just above the knee
              with a  jacket.  Cleavage is not acceptable.  Find 3" black heels,
              one necklace (not over-sized), matching earrings,
              and a small shoulder bag you can hang over the back of a chair.

          b.  Fitness Center
               You will need a sports bra, spandex black tights,
                new sneakers with neon laces.
                A tank top is optional.

          c.  Golf course/club
               You will need a lime green or pink golf skirt with a coordinated top,
               colorful golf shoes, and a visor from any course on the pro tour.
               The brand of the clubs doesn't matter!

          d.  A sporting event
              You will need a sweatshirt from Vegas and a baseball cap
              from your favorite team.  If  you're attending a polo match,
              it's a completely different look - think "Pretty Woman."
          e.  Happy hour at a sports bar
              You will need studded jeans with a camisole (amount of cleavage is
              up to you) and stilettos OR
              a zippered mini-skirt with a camisole and gladiator sandals.

3.  Invite your brother to dinner with a few of his male friends or his entire team
     and practice approaching them as a group.  If you don't have a brother,
     invite some girlfriends over for wine and get them to pretend to be men.
     Lead-off lines could be:

          a.  What's the best way to learn the rules of ________ (fill in a sport)?
          b.  What's the best fitness center around?

          c.  How many days a week do you work out (practice, play)?

          d.  (Golf)  What's the most beautiful course you've ever played?

          e.  Do you work in town?

          f.  Who here can cook?  Where do you get your ingredients?

          g.  Does anyone here commute internationally to work?

4.  As part of a conversation in a mixed group, spread the word you're interested
     in meeting someone.

          a.  "I like coming here, but my girlfriend isn't a big fan.
                How often do you come?"

          b.  "Do you have an available _____________ (brother - uncle- father)?"

          c.   Zero in on one candidate who looks promising and ask him questions
                about himself. If he doesn't ask you questions in return, move on!

5.  From The Guardian.com, suggestions to practice (Helen Croydon's
    "How to Flirt - Lessons for Women"):
          a.  In a bar scene, exude a lively, approachable vibe.  Stay animated and
              look like you're having fun. Don't sit down (it puts you out of reach).

          b.  Smile but look relaxed.  Use the surroundings as conversations starters.

          c.  Wear an accessory that invites someone's comment.

          d.  Make plenty of eye contact (hold for 5 seconds, smile or wink to see
               what happens).

          e.  Lean inward toward the person initiating a conversation with you.

          f.  Ask questions, then listen (keep the focus of the conversation on
              the other person).

         g.  Be open to new people and opportunities.

Chew gum!
Wear more than two gold chains, a Rolex, a wedding band, or diamonds!
Wear makeup that cakes in your wrinkles!
Wear heels that make you walk as though you're drunk!

Good luck.