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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Olivia in Florida

Another granddaughter came to see us in "LaLa Land," four-year-old Olivia.  We devoured our moments together - azure blue butterflies on our shoulders at Butterfly World;  iguanas, turtles, and carp at the Japanese gardens with edamame beans and tempura for lunch;  parrots squawking at dinner al fresco;  undertow kicking up three-foot waves; jewelry from seashells we collected; a 90-degree pool that even Grandma could enter.  Here is a recap of "'Liv-isms."

(Upon arrival at our condo)  "Is this a hotel, Grandma?"

"Where are you, Papa?"
"In the bathroom."
"Do you need help?"

(Upon seeing a bidet for the first time)  "Can I pee in this, Grandma?"
"No, it's for ladies to get clean."
"Like a bath?"
"Kind of."
"Can I lie down in it?"

(On a pillow "napping" together)  "Grandma, you have wrinkles in your neck!  But they'll go away when you stand up."

(Upon departure at the airport)  "Thank you for your house and the beach and the pool, Grandma and   
"We're so happy you came to see us!  We'll see you at your house in thirty days."
"You'll have to come in fifteen days.  That's all I can count."