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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Phone Conversation with Emma

"Hi, Grandma!  I love the scrapbooks you made of our dance recital."

"I'm glad, sweetheart.  Papa and I were very happy we could watch you and your sister perform.  Thank you for the note you wrote us."

"Mommy made me do it!"

"Well, you have a very smart Mommy.  Thank-you notes are important to show appreciation.  What else is new?"

"Hanna has a fish!"

"Wonderful!  Did she get a goldfish?"

"No, it's some other kind."

"Are you going to get a fish?"

"Maybe when I save more from my chores.  Hanna had more than me because she got borned before me."

"What will you call your fish when you get one?"


"Lemonade can be pink or yellow.  What color will Lemonade be?"

"It'll be yellow, Grandma!  You know it's my favorite color.  Are you getting forgetful, Grandma?"