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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Game Three Fallout

                                  Red Sox vs Cardinals                                   
Game Three, World Series
October 26, 2013

      From the bathroom I heard, "Holy S___! Obstruction??  What was Middlebrooks supposed to do...roll over so the runner could sashay home?  He was sprawled in the dirt.  Are they serious?"
     The T.V. room went dark.  Stomping his way to the bedroom, Charley reached around the corner and switched off the bathroom light, where I'd just popped two vitamins into my mouth that could have fed a horse.
     I had to make an instant decision:  grope my way to the end of the room for the switch or grope my way along the counter for my cup of water.
     The water won.  Till it landed on the floor and I started choking on one of the horse pills lodged in my throat.
     Charley returned to the bathroom and flicked the switch.  I was bent like a pretzel, coughing and gasping.  
     "I'll get some water," he said.  
     I shook my head, but he'd already poured a cup.
     He walked toward the wet spot on the floor. I put up my palms to stop him.  "I'll dislodge it with the Heimlich," he said, putting the cup down and stepping into the water.
     As he raised one knee onto the rim of the tub to get me into position, he slipped.
     "Damn!" he said as his elbow hit the floor.  I imagined a night in the emergency room after the Red Sox had been robbed of a World Series game.  It wouldn't be pleasant!
     He lay beneath me, one leg still hooked on the edge of the tub.  I lay on top of him.
     The pills dislodged down my throat.  "You OK?" I rasped.
     "Yeah.  My elbow got it."
     "It isn't swelling, but I'll get some ice.  I take it they lost?"
     Sox fans, please...keep calm and believe!

     Full disclosure:  we're New Englanders and our two sons played in the Red Sox farm system during the '90's.  One of them will be in attendance with his wife for Game Six at Fenway.

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