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Monday, April 14, 2014

A Ladies' Tennis Match

I am contemplating using this title for my next book:  A Survival Guide for Women's Tennis Teams.  I invite stories from all of my present and past teammates!

An article that appeared in local Florida papers in the last few days
convinced me I would have endless material.  Here's a recap.

The headline:  "Punches Fly at Tennis Match"                        

The story:

Melanie Carter, age 47, wife of Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter (formerly of the Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins), was in the middle of a heated women's doubles match for her team at a private club in Boca Raton, Florida.

The match was so heated, in fact, that the four women needed a lines person to settle disputed calls.
Lines people during inter-match play are usually volunteers, one from each team that is playing, if possible.  They stand midway at opposite ends of the court on the outside of the service line.
South Palm Beach County Women's Tennis Association rules state that a lines person can only make a call if asked to do so by the women playing the match.

A line call was in dispute (again).  The four women asked the lines person to make a ruling.
Kimberly Ann Fox, age 43, did so.  She ruled that the point should be played over.

According to the police report, Melanie didn't like the decision.  She moved toward Kimberly, arguing the ruling. "Are you going to hit me?" Kimberly asked.

You guessed it!  Melanie punched her.  According to Melanie, Kimberly head-butted her in return.  Kimberly denies doing any such thing!

The women fought sprawled on the clay court for several seconds before others separated them.  Boca Raton Fire Rescue paramedics treated Melanie for a cut on her face and knee and Kimberly for rib bruises.  Two staples now hold a small cut together on the back of Kimberly's head.

No arrests were made because of conflicting witness stories and a lack of video.

Melanie has been banned from the League.

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