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Monday, April 28, 2014

Rules Are Meant To Be Broken (When Grandchildren Visit)

.....No dessert till you finish your meal (here, have some of my ice cream)

.....Clean up your toys before we leave (don't worry, I'll help you)

.....Hold hands when we get to the street or parking lot (or you can ride on Papa's shoulders - I have some Aleve for his back)

.....No running in the house or at the pool (I've run out of Band-Aids for your boo-boos)

.....Don't play with Grandma's knickknacks or in her storage trunks (what gets blood out of the carpet?)

.....Keep your napkin in your lap while you eat (we'll get a new one - the one you threw on the floor is dirty)

.....Don't jump on Grandma and Papa's bed  (if you jump on your own, don't let me catch you!)

.....Don't hit each other or there WILL be time-outs (and I don't want to know who started it)

......Put your dishes next to the sink when you finish eating (I know you got mixed up and dumped them in the sink and broke the dishes in there - you didn't mean it)

.....No whining or sulking in Florida (ha ha)

.....Don't touch the coral in the ocean (but come this way and step on the ledge to walk in)

.....Wash your hands before you eat and after the toilet (are you sure that's water on them or is it something else?)

.....Don't hurt any living thing (hurry up, Charley, and kill that gigantic thing crawling on the floor!)

.....You don't have to pee four times in a restaurant (OK, I'll go with you again)

.....Don't cheat when we play Candyland (but I'll let you jump three spaces this one time)

.....Bedtime is 8 p.m. (OK, you can watch a video and stay up till it's over)

.....Each of you pick one book for story time (Grandma has lozenges if you really want her to read all those)


  1. Anyhooo, rules are for mommy's house not grandma's

  2. I'll bet your "grands" have a ball with you!